About Us

Muar Art Gallery & Café is the brainchild of our initiator, who has a strong desire to give back to the communities as part of its business identity, with a mission of commitment made to the cultural heritage and a sustainable future in Muar. It is born out of a passionate activism to integrate entrepreneurial spirits, arts and history into this culturally diverse melting pot. It is a vital part of Muar to promote intercultural and multidisciplinary experiences to visitors and residents through valuable community resources, history, inspiringly contemporary arts, and a vast range of exhibitions, activities, events and services.

Muar Art Gallery & Café embraces its mission with constant accomplishment of its visions. It empowers multifaceted communities and assets of Muar such as artists and performers, local delicacies, historical and cultural architectures, furniture and nursery industries. It aims to become a dynamic public reference with fresh perspectives and full appreciation locally, nationally and internationally, for its culturally rich and diverse platform. By producing work and supporting events that are culturally engaged, Muar Art Gallery & Café serves, educates and inspires the public in this vibrant and progressive little town that we call home.

By taking the stage and fostering the access of arts, history, cultures and industries, Muar Art Gallery & Café collaborates with local authorities and incubates creativity with world-wide artists to engage the public participation, cultivate cultural respects and inclusion, and encourage new business opportunities, emerging artists and designers. Every art piece and object in our gallery has a fascinating story to tell about Muar and the local communities. One of the main ways to showcase the arts and history is through architectural buildings and murals in town.

As well as serving as an exemplary hub for nurturing cultural and artistic interchange, Muar Art Gallery & Café takes an unorthodox approach to attract new fields and creative works. The fruitful synergies across the building encompasses a café, a tourist information centre, a historical corridor, a multipurpose hall, a private function room, a back street alley, and non-conventionally versatile venues as infinite creative outlets for social and cultural events.

In order to pamper the Muar community, the café makes a perfect spot for greater cultural experience with aesthetic enjoyment, upon seeing Muar in new lights and reminiscing with the memory lanes. Drawing from collaboration with former Prime Minister’s chef, Chef Abdul Hakin, our menu makes full use of freshly-sourced ingredients and provides wholesome and popular range of local delicacies, snacks and drinks. Vegetarian dishes are available to fulfil dietary needs as well. Furthermore, Muar Art Gallery & Café connects Muar’s rich history and its ambition for the future by offering a unique array of gifts and souvenirs for all ages. Everyone deserves a delicious treat and a special gift.

Explore the fascinating stories and history that define Muar and celebrate the cultural past, present and future with us. Muar Art Gallery & Café credits the transformation and the regeneration of our city with the contribution and pledges made by the people in Muar. With its influence and legacy echoed throughout history, Muar will remain one of the top visitor’s attractions for the appreciation of art, history, culture and life. Its lasting impact enriches everyone’s life and strengthens the deep bond among us, the people of Muar.